Finance can be simple

From seasoned investors to those just beginning, our regulated crypto wallet makes buying and selling multiple cryptocurrencies easy with just a few clicks. Simple redefines how you interact with cryptocurrency, providing a user-friendly platform that simplifies access and enhances intuitive financial management.
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Art direction
Identity design
Brand guidelines
Design systems
Research & audit
Software design
UX & interaction design
Interface design

The Simple is a startup aimed at bringing together experienced crypto investors and novice users into a single community, simplifying and enhancing their experience.
Our task was to create a visual identity, user experience, and interface design for the company that was as simple and convenient as possible. Additionally, we aimed to make it unique to stand out from competitors.
The brand name itself guided the design approach: simplicity and convenience in every aspect. From the logo to the final detail, we focused on the essentials without any extras.
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The use of vibrant colors and additional illustrations, designed to evoke emotions and facilitate easy communication with the end user, added diversity to the simplicity.
The result was a clean interface featuring bright accents, designed to facilitate the user experience and prevent confusion in their interactions.
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We successfully translated the client's initial vision into reality, faithfully capturing their original aspirations and bringing them to life.
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