Ukrainian techwear brand

An important role in the development of the brand is played by its team, where each person is in his or her place. Each team member has a distinct personality, but at the same time, we all respect and understand teamwork. This is what allowed the brand to withstand and maintain its position during the outbreak of a full-scale war. And also to strengthen the common vision and philosophy shared by both its representatives and friends.
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Identity design
Brand guidelines
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The brand, established in 2010, already had a loyal fan base and recognition. However, it required a visual update and standardization of design elements. Therefore, it was crucial to maintain its tone and energy during the design process.
In close collaboration with brand creator Oleg Moroz, our team enhanced and updated the brand's uniqueness and recognition, while preserving its established vision.
Developing the logo was particularly important. It was essential to preserve recognition while rethinking and refining the basic geometric shapes.
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The basis of the visual concept was a monochrome color palette, which perfectly conveyed the restraint and, at the same time, the revolutionary nature of the brand.
Our team created a brand book that includes colors, fonts, essential icons, packaging design, and other necessary elements.
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Proportions, space, and hierarchy were the foundational principles for the visual construction of all the Riotdivision design elements.
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