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/Scope of work

Art direction
Identity design
Brand guidelines
Design systems
Research & audit
Software design
UX & interaction design
Interface design

Cubi, a promising startup with a groundbreaking idea poised to simplify the lives of numerous crypto investors.
Our objective was to oversee the entire design process for this project, from conceptualizing the name to delivering the final product.
The task at hand was to design a simple, unforgettable image and a name that was both unique and effortlessly legible. Our aim was to foster an atmosphere completely different from that of our competitors.
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The color palette centered around orange hues, supplemented by additional colors to facilitate seamless navigation throughout the service.
All visual elements and guidelines were intricately designed to accommodate scalability and encourage the ongoing development of the design within the product and beyond.
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Additionally, square shapes served as a fundamental element of the entire design, particularly evident in icons and navigation elements.
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