Make web3 a safer place

Hacken believe blockchain security is not only about asset protection but a whole new way of doing Web3: without scams and hacks, rug pulls, wash trading, and circulation supply manipulations. New Web3 is about respecting your community, being honest with your investors and partners, acting responsibly, and valuing reputation.
/Scope of work

Art direction
Identity design
Brand guidelines
Design systems
Research & audit
Web design
Motion design
3D design

Hacken's previous visual style did not align with the company's business goals and failed to provide visual value to the end user. Consequently, they needed a fresh look and a new visual style to highlight their uniqueness.
As a result, our team developed a visual identity that effectively conveyed the essence of the company’s activities, aligned with its business goals, and distinguished it from its competitors.
We needed to capture the essence of the audit in a simple yet distinctive way. Our solution was an animated cube, designed with a unique style, that vividly illustrated the meticulous effort involved in the audit process.
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We have developed many supporting design materials, along with guidelines and design rules for their proper use within the Hacken team.
These materials and guidelines enable the company to develop and scale the design in the future.
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Visual concepts based on regular geometric shapes are prevalent throughout the design, creating a balanced and recognizable look.
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