2G circuit


The first official SWS track in Ukraine

With 2G-Circuit, you can immerse yourself in motorsport: learning to drive a kart, experiencing lateral forces, and practicing active braking. The 2G team constructed and organized the track following all safety standards, including CIK-FIA requirements.
/Scope of work

Art direction
Identity design
Brand guidelines
Research & audit

Creating a new karting track, the Geronimus brothers needed a visual identity that expressed its simplicity and distinctiveness.
The challenge with many tracks worldwide is their similarity, lacking distinctiveness. Thus, our task was to transform a basic concept into something unique and stylish.
The logo, the primary design element used across all communications, was crafted from the initial letter of the founders' surname. Our goal was to create a cohesive image that is easily recognizable and memorable.
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Track map designs were created to show the range of track complexity, from simple ones for amateurs to challenging ones for professionals.
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A unique set of design elements was created through the 2G circuit identity design development, facilitating better integration and future growth.
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